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How did The Anarkali Suit become so Popular?

The Anarkali Dress is a classic apparel that is timeless and ageless, so it's always in style. With time and changing of eras, the simple Anarkali dress design now has fresh, new ideas to bring us a revolution. JOVI's platform bestows innovative and impressive dresses on every occasion and Diwali festival, thus making the classic style in trend, but how did such a silhouette, such a beautiful pattern came into popularity?
We know, the Anarkali Dress became worthy of its name through the influence of the beautiful damsel and performer Anarkali in the great Mughal emperor Akbar's royal court. The lass was not only a fascinating performer but her gracefulness and beauty marked her as remarkable. The very apparel sported by Anarkali (actress Madhubala playing her) during her performances came into style when and as shown in the film 'Mughl-e-Azam'. The beautiful Madhubala set the trend for this gorgeously crafted Indian women's ethnic wear. The Plain Anarkali apparel transformed with time and had succeeded to stay in trend till now.
A pioneer such as the Anarkali Dress has diverse patterns at the present day. From plain to layered to floor-length to asymmetrical - the categories are endless. JOVI presents the different types of Anarkali Dress patterns in their various collections where you observe the Anarkali design not only in ethnicwear but also in modern dresses, frock style kurtis and one piece outfits.
The lovely Handmade Designer Anarkali Suits are a great option nowadays as people like to customize the suits and add their own preferred style. Hence, the designer ethnic Anarkali dress is making a buzz today.
When we are talking about the present day vogue, the special dresses and party wears come to mind. Anarkalis have been influential in the fashion world and now the party wear Anarkali kurta set is a splendid outfit idea. The ethnic style has now become a suitable apparel for parties and special events.
Ethnicwear has a new definition with the help of Anarkali style. JOVI's range of Anarkali kurta set with dupatta in vivid shades and patterns are eyecatching. Comfy, stylish and vibrant - the colorful Cotton Anarkali Suits in pure white, ravishing red, mystical black are soothing to the eyes and pleasing to the wearer. We've seen that there are different fabrics for making Anarkalis, such as silk, net, chiffon, semi silk, georgette, viscose, crepe, jacquard, brocade, and cotton. It's so amazing that there are diverse materials for creating the outfit.
The simple Anarkali dress design never goes out of style as well. Nowadays, the jacket style, floor-length, and transy Anarkalis are in trend but simultaneously the simple design of it is very pleasing too. If you're in a hurry and want to save time then a simply designed Anarkali dress or a Plain Anarkali works like a charm.
With the Anarkali style, one doesn't have to think a lot of styling. That's the efficient part. The lovely embellished apparel is a showstopper in itself and even the simplest of Anarkalis create a graceful look. The Handmade Cotton Anarkali Suits catch all gaze for their attractive patterns and versatility.
Therefore, it can be said that Anarkalis of various styles have been in trend for decades. Their silhouettes, fabrics, colours and presentation by the creators have made the dress a trendsetter. It's popularity will always stay in vogue for its efficiency, beauty and stunning appearance.

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