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Flattering flowing silhouette and heavily embroidered, Anarkali is a variation of the traditional Salwar, Kameez and Dupatta. Originating in Lahore, Anarkali suits owe their name to the fictional Anarkali, a courtesan in the court of Mughal emperor Akbar.

The Anarkali Salwar suit is a form of women's clothing originating from the Indian subcontinent. The Anarkali suit is made up of a long, frock-style top with a slim bottom. Anarkali dress literally looks like the 'delicate bud of the pomegranate flower/tree.'

The Anarkali suit or Anarkali Kurta with Dupatta has become very popular, and people now wear it to style other traditional pieces of Indian wear. Check out our latest Anarkali suit design 2021 where you can also wear your jacket on an Anarkali suit or on top of a short or long Anarkali Kurti to give it a trendy look.

It is also famous because its combination of a tight churidar fitting, plus a long and flowing kurta, really completes the look of any woman in a royal, aristocratic, and beautiful way. It best exemplifies the beauty of its origin also known for being a pomegranate blossom with great beauty and complexion.

Why Anarkali Suits:

Anarkali suits are a raging fashion trend now. Flip open any Indian fashion or check out any award show, you will definitely find a good number of actresses wearing this outfit.Hence, if you still do not have an Anarkali suit, you should get one right away.

Below given are some of the exciting features of this evergreen attire:


There are a number of choices of clothing for women in India.However, when it comes to traditional wear, Anarkali suits stand out in terms of ease in wear and smartness.The large circumference of the kurta allows for extra leg space, which makes the garment a good option for every day wear.

Anarkali suits are especially popular among young girls because of their fun appeal.They almost look like frocks but have the ladylike charm.As girls, generally, lead a hectic lifestyle, this handy clothing acts as their trusty friend


Anarkali suits are ideal for daily wear as well as for all occasions. Girls and women find it suitable for wearing every day since it does not present any hassle.Working women also like it better for its style quotient, which closely mimics the formal look especially the ones with collars, jackets or long coats.

These suits come in different patterns and style, and are suitable for almost all occasions.You will find outfits, starting from simple to heavily designed ones for special occasions like festivals, social events, weddings etc


Anarkali suits more suitable for them among all the Indian attires.Middle - aged women also love to wear them.It lets them move and work freely without having to manage any pallu or pleats; something they have to do constantly with a saree.

The pattern of Anarkali suits makes it a perfect outfit for women having different body shapes and sizes.It accentuates the curves of slim women and at the same time helps plump women hide the extra flab and make them look shape.

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