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From Cocoons to Tycoons Organza - A sheer Fabric

We all want a durable & long lasting product. We always look for a fabric that increases life span of our clothes. A fabric that lies in our budget, helps us get a stunning look and is completely comfortable while donned. Organza is also a similar fabric. We all know organza. But do we actually know about it? Let’s find out.  

What is Organza?

Originally made from silk, organza is a lightweight sheer fabric. Today, this plain weave fabric is also made from synthetic materials like polyester & nylon to make it available and affordable for all. This is a versatile & durable fabric, which is being used in making all kinds of drapes. From dupatta to saree and from party wear to bridals, this unique material is being adopted by all.

Organza consists of tiny holes, created by the gaps of weft & wrap thread throughout the fabric in plain-weave material. To determine the durability & quality of the material, we find out the number of holes per inch. A greater number of holes denotes a high-quality fabric. This quality material is booming in the fashion industry today.

Journey - From China to India

Silk originated from China & achieved the top rank in the market. But this material, made from cocoons after a long process of 15 days, was not affordable for all. After years, the word ‘Oraganize’ came out from a popular silk market in the Urgang town of Turkestan. Oraganize means the process of making silk threads by twisting silk fibers & later this brought us a whole new fabric, Organza.

At present, this is being used for all kinds of Indian Ethnic Wear. Traditionally, it was made from Chinese silk. They were using a special wrap and weft weaving method. The factors that were mainly considered were appearance, gather & swiftness, which are used to give the material a typical stiffness. Today, nylon & polyester fibers which we use, allow us to make it more sparkly & shiny in look. This also permits for pearlescent in color. Have you seen those svelte heroines clad in cloud-thin sarees in Bollywood movies at entry scenes in which they cinch around trees in lush gardens? Yes, you got it right, they are organza sarees. The fabric has passed a long way & now this can be found in most of Indian Wardrobes.

Features of the material

Well! If we are talking about features of Organza, this list is actually going to be too long. Not to make it boring, here are the most considered characteristics of this fabric -

  • Light as a feather
  • Soft in texture
  • Breathable fabric
  • Smooth touch
  • Captivating apparel
  • Luxurious drapes
  • Stunning Silhouette
  • Go-to fabric for all occasions
  • Do not pil
  • Easy to handle

Need anything else? It feels like this is the most amazing fabric discovered yet. For daily use or a wedding, we can opt for it anywhere. From unwanted guests to brides, this can be adopted by anyone. Draped in a shimmery Organza, a woman is for sure going to look like a desi diva. Regardless of age, tone, or time, this fabric has become a part of women’s fashion through generations. Vintage, Retro, millennial, and now Gen Z, it is best suited for all. Its translucent quality makes it more malleable for Women's Ethnic wear. Its drapes are easy to grab & handle.

Glory of Organza Dupattas

Organza are the most widely adopted drapes. Among a whole collection of dupattas, it may get tough to find out the best. From the JOVIs collection of Drapes, you can find the following Organza Dupattas -

Black Rose with handmade tassels - This dupatta has black lacings all around and contrasting black rose prints. These amazing handmade tassels add a glance to its design.

Purple Organza Machine Embroidered - This is a beautiful heavy dupatta. Embroidery work & its design is a boon for all the beauties out there.

Dupattas with Gota Detailing in between - 

Peach Flowery Dupatta - With handmade tassels, Floral prints & that combination of two contemporary shades of orange colors, this is attractive amazingly.

Brown Floral Organza Dupatta - Multicolor flower prints on it and that pattern of prints, this dupatta adds a touch of grace.

Teal Floret Dupatta - As rain adds freshness to all flowers and makes them refresh in the monsoon, this white and teal floral printed dupatta speaks of Saawan itself.

Mustard Yellow Floral Dupatta - This can be your perfect choice to enhance your ensemble with a hint of glamour with its white and green prints.

 Dupattas with Gota at Edges -

These are some top picks that you can adopt for your suits. They’ll be a perfect combination whether it is a Diwali Outfit or dresses for a kitty party.

Styling, Caring & Handling

Styling - Although Organza is a light material, it puffs up if draped in the wrong manner. This can result in a look slightly expanding frame of your figure. Organza is a cynosure to the eyes. Its dupatta generally goes in a casually thrown style but if it is being pleated, it needs to be generous. Gather them at the shoulder & pin them correctly. Now let the bottom part flow like your heart in a supermarket. You can also find various ways to style a dupatta from our Infographics. So choose your style & get ready for the celebrations.

Caring - Organza has tiny holes created by unique work of wraps and wefts of weaves. They make the fabric airy & breathable but subtle too. This delicate fabric needs proper care to maintain its shimmer. Strict caring is required to make it way more durable. You must go for mild detergents to wash it. Try to dry it on a flat surface instead of hanging it & store it in soft cloth bags in the closet. To remove any stain use, vinegar & cold water, and to maintain a daisy look for years, iron it with a muslin cloth at the top. This way you can manage to give a long life blessing to your Organza Dupattas.

Handling - Silk organza is more expensive than others. It might easily be frazzled when ironed. On the other hand, synthetic organza is not easy to style compared to silk organza. After lots of merits, these can be said a few demerits of this fabric. So, whatever you are opting for, you must handle it with care. By the way, this fact is true for every fabric that the life of fabric is directly proportional to the way you take care of it.

So, was it worthy enough? Is there something new that you’ve learned? If yes, let us know by being a JOVI Naari. Choose the drape for your outfit now. Happy Shopping! :)













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