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Spring Fashion Resolutions

How we should Rethink Fashion Buying in 2021

This past year, allure may have felt obsolete, however, the craving to spruce up nevertheless showed the force of having a positive outlook on ourselves as we braved through, what we once considered, the peak of the pandemic.  As we kept one foot in the workplace and one in the laundry, so did the need to fondle dressed – regardless of whether we found a spot at the kitchen table in the dhoop.

At the core of JOVI lies a design philosophy dipped in Indian culture but with a global sensibility. We uphold the skills and expertise of Indian hand weaving, hand embroideries, and handicrafts and juxtapose them with clean line silhouettes inspired by international trends to create designs that are versatile, essentially classic and hence, timeless! 2020 also made us conscious of so many aspects of our buying behaviors that need a re-think and we couldn’t agree more with the following learnings that resonate with JOVI:

Buying Less, Wearing More!

Do we purchase things to offer a specific expression? Or then again do we purchase things since WE need to? What is really our style and do we wear what we wear to make ourselves upbeat or fit into a trend? Are we questioning the supply chain of the brands we buy from? Let’s put an end to impulse buying!

2021 resolution: Question yourself thrice before adding anything to the cart!

Investment Purchasing…is a Mindset!

It’s about time we prioritized comfort and quality over “jumping on the bandwagon”! We must be curious and know about the life cycles, handling, storage, washing, and maintenance of the garments we own or intend to buy so we don’t rid of them before their due time. Mehnga roay aik baar, sasta roay baar baar– and turns out Baa always saw it coming!

2021 resolution: Think, study, buy…and love it for a long time!

Up your Styling Game

2020 encouraged us to be comfortable with who we are to channel our inner stylist make creative use of what we already have and create looks. When we need a wardrobe update, it’s best to first audit what will truly be a valuable styling item. It’s time to break the shackles: dissect a 3 piece and look for “separate” potential, tuck in your kurta to make into a top, wear your dupatta as a belt…mix, match, and have a little fun!

2021 resolution: Change the glasses through which you see your wardrobe!






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