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Mix and Match Secondhand Fashion for a Fresh New Look

Necessity is the mother of invention.”

I can bet most of you might have come across this proverb once or several times in your day-to-day lives. So, just take a second from your precious schedule and think for a while. Just forget about the enormous and bombarding inventions from history and take the examples from daily works which you perform. Many of you can think about very interesting things. Okay, let me share the kinds of stuff that are striking in my mind.

Can you remember the moment you made Paneer when the milk in your kitchen went bad? Or when you save the eatables’ containers for keeping spices in them? Or when you use orange peels to make a face mask? So, all we can infer from the above examples is, that we have a habit of recycling things and re-use them. The same is the story with the clothes we wear.

Reimagining Your Clothing Collection with Various Combinations

Gone are the days when you used to be dependent on the dress designers for your dresses to get styled. Now we have easy access to the gossip of the glamour world. Everyone can be his/her stylist now. You can easily choose contrasting colors for the combination of your pretty dresses and yeah! You’re ready for a party, office, family function, wherever you want to go.

So, guys, eager to re-design your wardrobe in a fresh unique way by simply re-using the kinds of stuff that you already have? Then, let’s go!

Crop tops are in fashion nowadays. How about wearing your beautiful ethnic wear as a blouse for your light-colored floral-printed saree which is the center of attraction at your workplace? Sounds cool, right?

Update Your Wardrobe: Adapting Old Favourites to New Looks

Bored of your old pair of jeans and at the same time you like its shade so much?  Just cut it into a pair of hot shorts and enjoy the pool party with your friends. Most of us own white Kurta and I know it gives a relieved feeling in summer, but sometimes change is inevitable. Why not dye it into some different shade (maybe yellow) and glitter in the Haldi function of your best friend?

Have you ever noticed how comfortable and easy to move we feel in a pair of palazzos? Why not make it your night-wear sometimes and wake up in a fresh mood? Have a beautiful mulmul dupatta but lazy to take it with a kurta? Just drape it around your strapless bra and wow! Your new off-shoulder silk top is ready.

Looking at these combinations, it’s pretty sure, that nothing is old-fashioned until people continue to mix and match the kinds of stuff from their wardrobes and will implement the ideas that frequently pop up in their minds.

So, share your creativity, and let’s stay fashionable lovelies!

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