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What is zardozi embroidery?

Zardozi embroidery is a type of embroidery wherein gold and silver threads are used to make exquisite designs on cloth. The embroidery dates back to the time of Rig Veda. There are mentions of zardozi embroidery work done on the attire of Gods. The kings and royals of India have also appreciated this work. It was used profusely on their clothes, royal tents, hangings, etc. Zardozi embroidery is a traditional form of embellishment that originated in India during the Mughal era. It is an intricate form of embroidery that involves using metallic threads, beads, and precious stones to create beautiful designs on fabric.

The History Behind Zardozi Embroidery 

The word zardozi is created with two Persian ‘Zari’ which means ‘Gold’ and Dozi means embroidery. The word ‘Zardozi’ means Gold embroidery. It is a Persian form of embroidery. It attained its peak in the 17th century with the financial support of the Mughal emperor Akbar. The royal financing has been stopped under the rule of Aurangzeb. Due to this, there has been a craft decline. As the raw material is rare and the cost was high the craftspeople were unable to complete the needlework on their own.

How does Zardozi Embroidery Work? 

Initially, the Zardozi embroidery work used to be done with pure silver wires and real gold leaves. However, due to the scarcity of these metals, craftsmen now use copper wire, polished with silver and gold and silk thread. The work is precisely famous in places like Lucknow, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Delhi, Kashmir, Ajmer, and Chennai.

The embroidery got recognition at the time of the 17th century under the rule of Emperor Akbar. It started declining with the reduction in royal patronage. Later, the government of India took steps to promote this work and thereby preserve this age-old activity which involves a lot of effort and skill.

The Process of Zardozi Embroidery 

The process of zardozi embroidery starts with a cloth (preferably silk, satin, or velvet) stretched on a wooden framework, add. The design is traced on the fabric and then the craftsman starts weaving the threads, gold wire, metal stars, and sequins through the needles and curved hooks. The zardozi work is very intricate and once when it finishes, dresses and the fabric or Women’s wear come out to be beautiful.

The Zardozi embroidery gives an outfit a very heavy and royal feel. The designers keep launching gorgeous dresses, belts, shoes, coats, purses, stoles, etc, all donned in zardozi work. The craftsmen have been continuing the zardozi work for generations in their families and the people who love and understand this work, take care of their outfits as priced possession.

Indian ethnic wear has always been synonymous with intricate embroidery and embellishments, and zardozi embroidery is no exception. This art form is used extensively in Indian ethnic wear, especially for bridal and festive outfits. It adds a touch of luxury and grandeur to any outfit, making it perfect for special occasions.

What are the most common zardozi motifs?

While zardozi embroidery is a broad phrase that embraces all sorts of gold work, nature has always served as inspiration for all motifs. The national ecosystem of India pervades all zardozi needlework, from flowers, leaves, and trees to animals and birds. Today, the art is used extensively in Indian Ethnic wear. Brides will wear this skilled needlework in their lehengas, saris, and Anarkali suit. It is a classic Indian outfit that has been around for centuries and is still a popular choice for weddings, parties, and other formal occasions. Zardozi embroidery is used extensively on Anarkali to create beautiful designs on the bodice and hemline. The intricate embroidery adds an element of grandeur to the outfit, making it perfect for special occasions.

Is Zardozi Embroidery a Popular Choice?

Zardozi embroidery is also a popular choice among modern fashion designers. They have begun to incorporate this traditional art form into modern designs, creating one-of-a-kind and breathtaking pieces that combine traditional workmanship with modern silhouettes. Zardozi embroidery can be utilized to produce a variety of fashionable clothes, from Western-style gowns to Indo-western fusion wear.

Why Choose Zardozi Embroidery 

A classic art form that has endured the test of time is zardozi embroidery.It is a stunning and elaborate type of embroidery that gives any outfit an air of opulence and grandeur.It is widely utilised in Indian traditional clothing, particularly for bridal and festive attire.Due to the gorgeous light reflection provided by the metallic threads and beads, it is also a popular choice for summer attire.Modern fashion designers are incorporating this classic art form into their creations, and it has grown in popularity.Any clothing can benefit from the elegance and sophistication that zardozi embroidery can bring, whether it's a traditional Anarkali or a contemporary Western-style dress.

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