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What fashion trends are coming back?

If we don’t have a habit to recycle things, are we even Indian? I know so many people out there have very creative minds. No doubt, their imaginations can go far beyond. But research says that humans use only 10% of their brains. Then once-in-a-while, a time comes when it stops renovating ideas or it slows down sometimes. And here comes the need for recalling the things from old times. The proverb is quite famous, “Old is gold”. Indeed, the uniqueness, the royalty, the charm those fashion outfits hold, is incomparable.  And as we can see the effect in the coming back of the old trends.

What goes around, always comes back around eventually. Now-a-days we can see this in almost everything. The TV serials which we’ve grown up watching were being telecasted in the lockdown. So, why not the outfits?

Here are some fashion trends which were rocking in their time and making a come-back in 2020.

Mom’s jeans

Do you remember this from 90s? These were a pair of jeans with high waist and freely hanging towards the ankle length in a loose fitting. They look so cool back then and so does now.

Silk scarves

 If there is something which can give a classy cum romantic feel, then it is the silk scarf. Just wrap it around your neck with feminine blouse and a pair of cool glasses. You will boss the world like no one exists like you. It also brings the touch of past to present.

Cargo Pants

The cargo pants are no longer the clothing style of men now. Sim-fit cargo pants are in and you can pair it with cool white sneakers and graphic tees. How about going college in this cool outfit?

Bike shorts

Being in trend in 80s, then in 90s and now in 21st century, these shorts can be seen worn by various celebrities with a combination of over-sized sweaters or blazers.

Flared pants

From wearing it with a body fit blouse by Mumtaz in 80s, flared pant has made its way in current era too. How can we forget Karina Kapoor dancing in red hot flared pants in “you’re my Sonia”, Just pair it with a kurta or crop top and you’re ready to go.

Puffy sleeves

Mirroring it from 90s and making it more elegant and classier in 21st century, puffy sleeves can be worn with a high waist mini skirt. You can even have a pretty frock with puffy sleeves and roam around your favorite cafeteria.

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