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This Women's Day - An Ode to Women

Women, the strong and better half of modesty. A woman is a person without whom we never imagine a day. I always thought, like, when I look at my mum, the way she handles all her work is like heavenly good. So smooth and clear, she was the magician of my house. Whenever or whoever wants something she was there with us. In my opinion, women are the strongest creature on this planet from giving birth to conquer the world is all heart taking. As a young girl, I never thought it would be so difficult to be a woman because as a woman, it asks for a lot whether its patience, courage, love, strength, etc. Her qualities are what attract us. From the sacrifices they make to the love and care they show, women, play an incredible and vital role in each one of our lives. In this ode, I would like to honor the beauty of her rarity on this women’s day.

To begin with women she is the embodiment of beauty, grace, and elegance. “Tum Murat ho shakti ki , pyaar ki , khoobsurati ki”. I have always seen women and men both and I know they are different not only in terms of physical. But in every aspect of life, she works so perfectly and so admiringly that you can’t even stop adoring her. The level of strength, love, care, and sacrifice she does for her loved ones is just commendable. Women are gifted with an inner beauty that shines through their personalities. Their compassion, empathy, and kindness make them pillars of strength and support to those around them. Women are often the nurturers, caregivers, and protectors of their families, and they fulfill these roles with utmost dedication and love.

Beauty with Wisdom:-

Beauty with Wisdom - JOVI Fashion

She is the most adorable and admiring creature the way she works and handles all her problems with dignity is priceless. Women have always been in the vanguard of societal change and advancement. They have fought for their rights and the rights of others, challenging the status quo and paving the way for a more just and equitable society. Women have made significant contributions to various fields, including science, politics, and art, and have shattered glass ceilings, breaking through barriers and inspiring generations to come.

She is as hard as a rock and as soft as rose petals. In her toughest time, she stands as a pillar for herself and for their loved ones. The new generation of women knows the value of loving themselves and the intelligence a woman has, is irreplaceable. She is capable to handle herself and even her family and I don’t think any man could do better than her. They possess a keen sense of intuition, which enables them to navigate through life's complexities with wisdom and insight. Women bring a unique perspective to every situation, often offering creative solutions to problems that seem insurmountable. Their intelligence and wisdom are invaluable assets to society, contributing to progress and growth in every sphere. Her nature and upbringing as a woman make her unique.

Women – The Backbone:-  


This women’s day tell her ki you don’t need me, it’s me who needs you and the most special person in my life who gave me a reason to smile and my eye to shine. It’s very hard to imagine a life without a woman as she is the salt to your food, she is the sunshine to your life. Women are the epitome of love. They give love selflessly, unconditionally, and endlessly. Their love knows no bounds, and it encompasses everyone and everything around them. Women's love is a force that heals, comforts, and transforms lives, making the world a better place. The presence of her positive vibes and smile will make you feel like heaven. I think women never asked for money and all they just need is love, care, and attention that’s it. JOVI has come up with a given ode to women by celebrating women’ day on the 8th of March 2023 and telling her that they are extraordinary. 

Women – The Backbone - JOVI Fashion

This International women’s day celebrates the odes to Women. The women employees of JOVI is an inspiration, a treasure, and a gift to us. Their creative minds and hand embroidery over women’s wear were serving us since 5 years. Their embody beauty, grace, resilience, courage, intelligence, wisdom, and love, and their contributions to our business are invaluable. Women deserve to be celebrated and appreciated every day, for they are the backbone of families, communities, and society. Let us honor and respect women, and let us work together to create a world where women are valued, empowered, and allowed to reach their full potential. This national women’s day make your surrounding women smile by gifting from our women’s wear collection.


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