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The color of passion, adventure, and most importantly love. The color might just be a favourite color for some but in reality, RED speaks volumes. From teaching a child what color is an apple to wearing the color on your wedding day. It evokes strong feelings every time we look at it. The color literally demands attention.

Do you know, how quickly you make a decision when you see a warning sign in red? Exactly how you’ll make a decision to grab all the outfits from our red moon collection. A perfect blend of the color red and authentic handwork on the design.Curated with excitement and love, we present you red moon collection purely made with the comfort fabric, MULMUL.

What’s an apparel collection without variety? Not to worry, we got you covered. We have a total of 15 dresses to choose from. From daily wear ethnic or a picnic day floral dress, you name it, we deliver it to your doorstep.
A few other details that will help you make a memorable decision:
- Kantha stitch and floral embroidery for the win!
- Statement sleeves that represent the word SLAY.
- And the best part? Pockets on the go! We all have struggled with not having a place to keep our phones, right? And none of us want to carry a handbag every single day of our lives.

If you’re still missing out on exactly why you should go for a bold color, here’s why

-This color holds the utmost value for influencing fashion.
-Red speaking volumes also means that when you wear this color, you automatically are considered in charge of something, you tend to hold power.
Culturally, it has been an attribute of fascination, for hundreds of years.
There is so much more to about our new collection but we’ll leave that on the visuals. Have a look at our new collection; we are sure that you will fall in love, head over heels! 

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