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Her Highness of Jaipur - A beautiful inspiration

Maharani Gayatri Devi: A politician, philanthropist, polo player, and many more, but probably the foremost one of how the world recognizes her as the most beautiful woman. The queen of Jaipur had this unmatched elegance and simplicity that swept away the hearts of millions.

Essentially donned in floral printed chiffon sarees, Her Highness had this special inclination towards pastel shades. The baby blue, light pink, lavender, aqua,  and all were the shades of her identity. The choice of floral print spoke of how full of life she was, and the silhouette clearly indicated that simplicity is also impactful.

The regal aura of Her Highness was utterly bewitching. Her style of dressing was smooth, and her smile was absolutely heart-connecting. Married to HH Sawai Mann Singh II, the princess became the third queen of Jaipur. Unlike other Rajputs, she was very liberal in her thought process. She refused to confine to purdahs. She successfully curbed the purdah system practiced by women in Rajasthan, opened a school for girls-Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls’ School, Jaipur, and always cared to work for upliftment and welfare.

The queen was the muse for many designers. The very promising Sabyasachi launched his limited-edition collection of floral sarees inspired by her, back in 2013. To date, women aspire to follow her sense of fashion.

I am one of them. Remembering her today, I thought of writing how her dressing inspired many of the color swatches of JOVI outfits and floral prints of dupattas, how all the gears in the house are a blend of boldness and beauty like her. And how the hue of tradition and style that she carried was a major influencing element for me.

HH Gayatri Devi was and is still a fashion icon across several borders and in several thoughts.

In the end, I would like to quote here, “Style comes naturally. I guess you are just born with it.”

Remembering HH Maharani of Jaipur on her 101st birthday.

With loads of pure feelings,

Jyoti Narayan

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