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Ambar - The shades of sky

Introducing "Ambar," a captivating clothing collection inspired by the mesmerizing hues of blue. Crafted with care, this collection features an exquisite range of Anarkalis made from the finest mulmul cotton fabric and moti hand embroidery. Embrace the tranquility and elegance of various shades of blue, exuding grace and charm in every stitch.

The Exquisite Traditional Beauty that Embraces The Nature 

Introducing our latest line of Indian ethnic attire, tailored exclusively for the elegant JOVI's Naari. Our brand-new collection, aptly named "Ambar - the Shades of Sky," embraces the captivating blend of the azure heavens and the sun's amber hues. Immerse yourself in a fashion spectacle that perfectly blends heritage with the splendor of nature. With a stunning assortment of Anarkali suits and Sharara suits, our exquisite creations pay homage to India's cultural heritage. This remarkable collection harmoniously fuses contemporary aesthetics with intricate craftsmanship, showcasing a delightful union of timeless elegance and modern design. Prepare to be captivated by our breathtaking and enchanting selection.

The Exquisite Shades of Sky Anarkali Suits 

The beauteous Anarkali suit is the emblem of elegance and sophistication. The alluring piece is crafted with love and care and with amazing hand-crafted embellishments like beads and tassels by our skilled artesian. The suit is embroidered with intricate designs. The flowing floor-length skirt adds a touch of grace and royalty to the piece and making them ideal for grand occasions and events like weddings, even it is the best choice for an EID outfit as well and is much more festive. They are available in different shades of blue like Ink blue Anarkali, powder blue, teal blue, and Egyptian blue. It is the perfect blend of both vibrant colors and modern designs. Improve your style with these amazing outfits from us.

The Twirly Sharara Outfit

The collection also includes Sharara outfits for individuals looking for a one-of-a-kind and trendy combo. These outfits are distinguished by its Ambar embroidered kurta with sharara, which is embellished with exquisite embroidery and sophisticated workmanship. The mix of these features gives a modern spin on traditional apparel, making them ideal for modern fashionistas looking to make a statement. The Sharara suits set are available in a range of eye-catching shades of blue with astonishing dupatta and bottom wear from light sky blue to Vivid sky blue like Ink blue, Egyptian blue teal to powder blue, catering to diverse style preferences.

Why does This Festival buy from JOVI fashion? 

JOVI fashion is the ultimate place to offer from vibrant shades to pastel shades of women's ethnic wear that are quite exquisite. Whether it is a wedding or any other occasion, the Anarkali and Sharara suits from Ambar Collection are designed to make every woman feel like a vision of elegance and sophistication. Each ensemble in this collection is a masterpiece, meticulously crafted to accentuate the beauty of Indian ethnic wear and they also offer their customer fashionable western dresses that are quite a masterpiece for the summer season JOVI fashion collection does not end here we have tops, Dupatta, and Kids wear for your little dolls. These ensembles are destined to become the focal point of any wardrobe, leaving a lasting impact wherever they are worn, thanks to their excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. Embrace the allure of tradition with a contemporary twist with the stunning new collection from Ambar- the Shades of Sky collection.

FAQs - 

1. Why The Sky Does Appear Blue While The Sun Appears Yellow

The scattering of sunlight by the Earth's atmosphere causes the sky to appear blue during a sunset. Shorter blue and violet wavelengths are scattered more by the atmosphere than longer red and orange wavelengths, hence the sky is mostly blue. As the sun sets lower on the horizon, its light passes through a thicker layer of the atmosphere. This scatters even more of the shorter blue and violet wavelengths, allowing the longer red and orange wavelengths to dominate, giving the sun a yellow or orange tint.

2. How to Style The Sharara Set of The Ambar Collection

To style the beauteous piece of sharara set of the Ambar collection go with a statement pair of Jhumkas or chandelier earrings to complement the overall look of the blue shade of sharara. Pair it with the contrasting embroidered or embellished clutch. Complete the whole look with comfortable sandals or heels. Keep your hair elegantly styled and do subtle makeup in order to make your outfit shine.

3. What are The Different Shades of Blue available at our E-store?

At our e-store, we offer a range of beautiful shades of blue for our Sharara set and Anarkali set. Explore the mesmerizing Egyptian blue, a rich and vibrant hue that exudes elegance. Dive into the serene and delicate powder blue, perfect for a soft and ethereal look. Embrace the deep and mysterious purple, a captivating shade that adds sophistication. Discover the enchanting teal blue, a blend of blue and green that brings a unique charm to your ensemble.

4. From which fabric your Indian ethnic wear is fabricated? Is it summer friendly?

JOVI fashion embraces sustainability and ethical practices and that is the reason all clothing that includes both Western wear and Indian ethnic wear is fabricated out with Mulmul and cotton fabric that are breathable and lightweight making it a perfect choice for humid and hot weather. So it is summer friendly choice.

5. How to style the same kurta with a different dupatta?

The key is to have fun and be creative while styling your kurta with different dupattas. Combine different colors, patterns, and textures to create one-of-a-kind and personalized ensembles that fit your style and event. Dupatta is something that changes the whole look of your clothing. You can check our latest blue collection of Indian ethnic wear with different dupattas. Even our e-store is providing different printed organza and mulmul drapes for the Anarkali and Sharara suit set.

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