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Rayon Fabric is a man-made cloth made from cotton, wood pulp, and other natural or synthetic fibers. It is so comfortable and cool to wear also it is a particularly good fabric for sportswear, summer dresses, & especially Indian ethnic rayon fabric suits are very popular because the fabric is perfect for hot weather, it can shrink when washed in warm water.

Rayon is more absorbent than cotton and mulmul, making it the most absorbent plant-based fabric. Unlike the other synthetic fabrics like polyester and acrylic, rayon, mulmul cotton are breathable and therefore cooler and more comfortable to wear on hot sunny days. Why this Rayon fabric dress is not so high price because Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber, and cotton is a natural commodity. Rayon is fragile when damp and the cotton fiber is thicker when wet. Cotton is more expensive than rayon.

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