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Which fabric is best for block printing ?

Block printing is one of the oldest techniques for printing. The popularity of it can be determined from the fact that the block printed fabric is now used not just for the fashion industry but also for the interior industry. The technique can indeed be carried out on a variety of fabrics but still, the best one would be cotton or cotton linen. These fabrics have a special affinity towards different types of dyes and pigments.

Before selecting the fabric for block printing, one must always consider

The end-use of the fabric

How tightly the fabric is woven?

How course the fabric is?

How durable does it need to be?

Texture and Effects in Block Printing Fabric Selection

The same block print has a different kind of feel and looks on different kinds of fabrics. The fabrics woven of natural fibers are considered the best. They breathe well and also give a very natural look to the print. Besides cotton and cotton linen, silk is also a good option for block printing Wool? It’s a fuzzy fabric and fuzzy fabrics are awful for printing. They soak in the ink and make the print appear very hazy.

Pure synthetic fabrics are a complete no-no. The blends of synthetic and natural fibers still perform better. They feel soft and can be given a try. Pick on light-colored fabrics for the area where there is less traffic like for bedroom pillowcases. You can go for a darker tone of fabrics for places like dining table chairs. As far as clothing is concerned, the choice of color is absolutely your call.

Block printing is a beautiful art and a must-try. Don't wait, go get your materials needed; After printing on different swatches of fabrics, you will automatically understand how the fabrics make a difference to the final outcome.

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