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Which are Famous Indian Embroidery Styles ?

Indian Embroidery Styles: 

Embroidery styles are one of the highlights of Indian artistic traditions. The old Indian fashion comprises such a huge variety of fabrics, threads, stitches, and motifs that a person interested in it would simply be left awestruck in the end. The embroidery styles, exclusive of each region give a very good brief about the richness of the country and the hard work of the communities who have been practicing them for generations.

The popular Indian Embroidery Styles Are:

Chikankari of Lucknow:

Straight from the land of Tehzeeband Nazaquat, Chikankari is delicate, intricate embroidery that has been introduced by Nur Jahan, the wife of Mughal emperor, Jahangir. A chicken fabric is created by bloc printing particular patterns on it. Craftsmen then embroider the stitches along with the pattern and finally, when it is done, the fabric is washed to remove the traces of the print.

Phulkari of Punjab:

Besides Sarson da saag and Make di roti, Punjab is also famous for its Phulkari embroidery. The stitches are embroidered on the back of the cloth so that the design takes place in the front. The contrast of colorful stitches on a subtle background gives a very outstanding look.

Kashida of Kashmir:

Since farming was not possible in the harsh winters of Kashmir, this embroidery became a source of daily bread for people in Kashmir. The embroidery is mainly done on fabrics such as wool and silk. The craftsmen there stitch the beautiful scenes inspired by nature rather than any animal or human figure.

Gota Patti of Rajasthan:

The thin strips of gold or silver ribbons are hand-stitched on the patterns or motifs made on the fabric. The embroidery is famous in Rajasthan and is typically found in lehengas, odhani, sarees, shawls, dupattas, kurtas, ethnic wear, and even turbans.


Said to exist from the time of Rigveda, the zardozi embroidery is not of some particular region or state, rather it is known as embroidery of India. In this embroidery, the craftsmen fill in the elaborate designs with gold and silver threads. The magnificence is amplified when pearls and precious stones are added further. However, because of the scarcity of metals, the copper wire with gold and silver finish is used nowadays.

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