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What is your favorite color and why ?

Ever stuck in choosing a dress for anyone else just because you don’t know about her favorite color? It’s not an easy pill. Color is the characteristics of the likes and dislikes of a person. It’s not that you pick a color one day and declare it to be your favorite color. It’s involuntary, it’s and you can’t describe why that color favorite to you is. But, one thing is definite here and that is the choice of the color that defines your personality. Then you can describe yourself, and what kind of person you’re. Let’s take some examples.

Exploring Personality Traits Through Favourites: The Psychology of Colour

Suppose a person’s favorite color is white. What can you justify about her? See, assumptions are everywhere. Maybe we can’t tell the exact behavior, but we can assume or guess. So, by looking at the white color, what comes to your mind? Calm, peaceful, soothing, etc. Now, what can we say about the person? Why is white her favorite color? Because she is a simple kind of person. She doesn’t like something so colorful. She likes calmness and has her own area of peace.

Let’s say, someone likes red. If we listen to the researchers, then say that the color ‘Red’ is the color of attraction, because it has a longer wavelength. It is easily visible and thus seeks more attention. So, how about being a hot babe wrapped in a cute red dress and making it a perfect date? It shows that you’re bold enough to carry your existence around people. That’s why your favorite color is red.

What Your Colour Preferences Reveal About Your Personality

How did you feel the last time you met your cousin and asked her why she always prefers black and she replied that it’s her favorite color? No, my friend! It’s not that she chose it simply. There is a psychology behind it. Generally, black looks dirty rarely.

So, you can wear it multiple times without washing it. The next point is people look thinner in black. Then, the assumption we can fetch is, that these people don’t get influenced easily. They own firmness in their behavior and they care very less about people’s judgments.

Did you observe the pattern here? You can say that a particular color is your favorite but elaborating why, is the complexity. You can just tell the qualities that color holds, that’s it. And it’s very true, you can tell people that you love someone but when asked why; you will just point out the virtues of that person, right?

Now, let us know which is your favorite color and why. I know there is no story behind that. But you can just tell what it feels like when you see your favorite color, either in the form of clothes, a pleasant bag, footwear, or anything. Happy reading folks!

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