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What is the purpose of going shopping ?

Ah Shopping! The word expresses so many emotions. You can’t let your fingers from browsing the shopping sites and whish listing the stuffs you come across while the navigation. There might be a thousand of stuffs in the wish list waiting for being added to the cart and followed by the shipping vans. So, in short you generally desire for the things you can’t afford at that particular moment.


The urge to loosen your pocket for money to slip out from it and buy the stuff you wanted to, is called shopping. So, anyhow the rush in our adrenaline convinces our brain to commit this deed called shopping. Now have you ever thought that from where does this feeling come from, even when we’re broke? Even when we’re tired? The answer to this will be the answer to the question that what the purpose of going shopping is.

So, have a look at some of the reasons and let us know which of the reasons came in your minds too.

  • Because you want to be a go-getter: You might be crushing on some cute dress that you saw somewhere but the main motivation came from the feeling that you don’t want to miss it from buying before the stock gets over.


  • Because there is a thing called retail therapy: Have you ever tried doing things of your interest when you’re angry or perplexed? Researchers call it “Placebo effect”. Let me elaborate it, what Placebo effect actually is. It is a beneficial effect produced for healing some uneased situation which is due to a person’s belief. It’s all in your mind. So, you can say shopping is a therapy for most of the people.


  • Because you’ve been tricked: Trust me, it’s a trick web knitted by the business persons and you easily get trapped in that. And the best part of this is, you don’t even feel sad about being tricked.If we understand the chronology in this, first you will have to go somewhere, you will check your wardrobe and feel like you’ve nothing to wear, you will search some stuffs online, and to your surprise you will instantly find a suitable dresses for you.Then you will seriously feel like you’ve nothing to wear. Then they will recommend you things of your interest based on what you browsed last, on every non-commercial website you visit. And bang! You’re the next prey. That’s how manipulation works.


  • Because you need to express yourself: Be it an office party or a date, a marriage/festival at home or Aunt Marry’s funeral. You always want to be noticed. And what could be the better way than to dress properly and rock the ramp! So, here comes another urge to go shopping.

Did you observe how related we feel to shopping in our day-to-day lives? Every occasion comes with joy and with the craving to shop as well. Now it’s your turn. Let us know what your motivation to shop is. We would love to hear you.


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