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What is slow fashion ?

Regulating this action of ours, the term slow fashion has been coined by Kate Fletcher. The term slow fashion means slowing down the pace of our shopping and consumption for better and bigger causes. It is a conscious and mindful effort. It is a holistic and sustainable way of living.

An Ethical Approach to Fashion and Sustainability - Slow Fashion


Slow fashion is about designing, producing, consuming, and living better. It is not a time-based but an equality-based concept. It is not the opposite of fast - there is no dualism-but a different approach in which designers, buyers, retailers, and consumers are more aware of the impacts of products on workers, communities, and ecosystems. Slow fashion is about choice, information, cultural diversity, and identity. Yet, critically, it is also about balance. It requires a combination of rapid imaginative change and symbolic(fashion) expression as well as durability and long-term engaging quality products,” Kate Fletcher.


A fact like the H&M brand is burning 12 tons of unsold garments every year in spite of its ongoing sustainability effort compels the slow fashion movement to be known, accepted, and practiced worldwide. Just follow three steps:


Shopless frequently

Look for sustainable brands and products

Love the few things you have, don’t leave them in landfills. (Repair, donate, upcycle, etc.)


Remember, we are responsible for all our actions and the future we give to the next generation.

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