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What is Mulmul cotton fabric? Why is it used ?

Mulmul is a soft and fine weave of cotton which is also known as muslin. It was almost 100 years ago when Bengali weavers first weaved it. Mulmul cotton fabric was one of the prized imports from India to the lands of England and Scotland. It started appearing in the market there and then gradually the countries of the continent started manufacturing it. Muslin fabric got its name derived from Mosul a city in Iraq. 

Mulmul – The Fine Weave Of Cotton

Dhaka in Bangladesh, a part of India was the first place where Mulmul originated. Under the Mughal rule, Dhaka became the capital of the worldwide muslin trade. During this time, when the trade of this fabric was flourishing, the Britishers aggressively tried to repress it. Since the industrially manufactured and the imported fabric could not compete for the supreme hand-woven counterpart in India, the Britishers decided to wind up the production and knowledge by cutting off the thumbs of the craftsmen.
The production of Mulmul suffered for about two centuries. Gradually it got revived and now it is available easily. It is also not as expensive as it used to be. The fabric is super soft, lightweight, and very breathable. It is great for summers, especially in the harsh summers of India as it quickly absorbs moisture and keeps the person at ease. It gets softer with every wash. It is easy to wash and easy to wear. The fabric can be dyed easily and when stitched into garments, it turns out to be a very easy-breezy and elegant outfit.
Despite the repression, the art of weaving Mulmul cotton fabric persisted, and over the years, it has seen great recognition and demand. The super-soft and breathable is great for sultry summer, as it has the properties to readily absorb moisture and keep the wearer cool and comfortable in the summers. This fabric is also ideal for making light and airy clothing such as sarees, mulmul cotton organza dupattas, and designer mulmul cotton kurtas, which are popular traditional clothing items in the Indian subcontinent

Benefits of Mulmul

Mulmul fabric is very sensitive and soft that mostly referred to as a “Woven Wind” and “Wonder gossamer”. One of the benefits of this fabric is that it can be dyed easily. This makes it possible to create a wide range of colors and patterns, making it a versatile textile for fashion designers. Additionally, every wash results in making the fabric even softer, making it comfortable to wear over time. The quality of the fabric makes it the first choice of every fashion lover. JOVI fashion has been inspired by the mulmul and cotton fabric. They're almost the whole collection has been fabricated out of this fabric.
It is a remarkable textile that has a rich history and a unique set of properties that make it highly sought after. Its lightweight and delicate nature, coupled with its softness and breathability, makes it perfect for summer clothing. Its versatility and ease of dyeing make it popular among fashion designers, while its sustainability makes it an eco-friendly textile.

The re-emergence of the fabric is a testament to the resilience of the artisans who have dedicated their lives to this craft and the enduring popularity of this remarkable textile. If we differentiate between the two. So, there is a difference that has to be remembered which is that mulmul is a fabric, and cotton is a fiber. This fabric is not a shrink material if you keep it properly. This fabric is mostly used in summer as it is the best soaking material. 
People prefer to buy mulmul cotton in summer more than any other fabric. It is a lightweight and soft fabric. This fabric is now available in suits and shirts with beautiful prints. JOVI Fashion’s collection of Indian ethnic wear and design dresses are all tailored with love and care. Their embroidery over the fabric is just mesmerizing and soothing. The amazing floral prints over the mulmul Anarkali frock suit set and the hand-tailored embroidery over it are just the cherry on the cake making it a wholesome product for their customers.

Mulmul is The Ultimate Fabric for Summer

It is the most finest and durable fabric for the summer season. From babies to adults, it is the first and foremost choice. With good reason, the most durable cotton that has put India on the map for several centuries! Earlier this fabric was used for royalty but now it has a huge market. The fabric remains the same and is perfect for the Indian weather. The best part of this fabric is that it is low maintenance and can be easily washed at home with detergent. It is skin-friendly, lightweight, and extremely soft.  
The Mulmul clothing is also easy to take care of, you just need to use gentle detergent, wash it under cold water, and don't leave it to dry for longer. 

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