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What is cotton organza ?

Cotton organza is yet another choice of fabric available in the market for Western or ethnic wear. The fabric is made out of cotton fibers and imbibes the best of both worlds. It is gossamer-thin and translucent in its appearance while firmer in its fall. The fabric is heavily used for the creation of garments that can be easily worn to the workplace or on casual outings.

The fabric organza is a lightweight plain weave fabric. Both warp and weft threads which are two opposite threads are woven together in the process of this fabric weaving. The number of picks per inch is the same as ends per inch. Since it is woven in an extremely low density, it results in a transparent appearance.

The Allure of Organza Fabric: Elegance and Versatility

The transparency and high breathability characteristics of the fabric make it commonly used in making apparel which can be put on a thicker layer of cloth as a drape. It is also used in bridal gowns and other evening dresses where a lot of fluff is to be created with numerous folds or layers.

Organza can be used to create any type of silhouette. It makes you feel very comfortable while looking absolutely chic. The fabric is also occasionally used in making different types of household textiles.

Organza Fabric: Silk Synthetics and Care Tips

Originally, organza was exclusively made from silk. However, with the advent of time, it is now been made out of synthetic fabric such as polyester, and nylon and natural fabric like cotton.

Even though the fabric is durable, it is highly advisable to put it for dry cleaning rather than washing at home.



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