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What exactly is a tea dresses ?

Many of us might have visited a hill station at some point in our lives. So, do you remember the attractive dress which you wore along with a cute bamboo basket on your back, to get clicked when you visited that place? Of course, you do. How enthusiastic it looks when we come to know new cultures, their unique tradition, and the way they carry them.

It’s a dress you wear to have tea (wine, whiskey, coffee, water, pizza, steak, cakes, anything really).  Groundbreaking. It’s a light fabric dress in bright prints or colors, very summer-spring friendly, usually mid-length, and very cocktail-appropriate.

So, this was their culture and they own it. But as you can observe it is acquired by the non-natives of those regions too.  If we talk about a tea dress, it’s an Indian ethnic wear for informal entertaining at home or some small get-together. It became popular in the mid-19th century and was characterized by unstructured lines and light fabrics.

It’s not a big deal, but when it comes to tea dresses I think we’re sitting on a goldmine. Back in the 40s tea dresses were the home dresses women used to wear as casual outfits around the house. Loose lines and unstructured silhouettes characterized this dress in which you had tea.

By this design dress, it’s generally been inferred that you’re hosting a few people for an evening tea and having a small casual talk with them. It comes between formals and casuals. It’s in trend nowadays, especially in foreign countries, and can be worn on a charming date or on a girls’ day out.

It is now being adopted by pregnant working ladies too. They are carrying it so comfortably to their offices.

A tea dress is making its way to the hearts of grandmothers. It has become their favorite in old age; no one wants to be folded in a complicated set of clothes.


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