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What are the top prints for spring?

Spring! Ah, here comes the king of all seasons. I know you’re very much aware of why I am saying this. Being located north of the equator, India experiences all kinds of seasons throughout the year. India has a moderate climate. “Moderate” implies that it has no extremities. But there is a slight variation in the weather all the time. So, with changing weather, we as comfort-conscious humans require outfits according to them.

So, can you guess why I denoted spring as the king of all seasons?

It’s because, this season cares for our comfort. Neither we need to worry about putting on puffy and heavy sweaters like in winters, nor need we to get rid of formal dresses and jeans like in summers.

Neither the sun plays hide and seek with us nor it acts like an uninvited guest. Everything is so balanced in this season, so beautiful it is!

Let’s explore some of the outfit fashion for this amazing season.

When it comes to “wear whatever you want/desire for” vibe, who doesn’t want to flaunt his/her dressing style.So, moving forward in that, prints are the most desirable and comfortable fashion.I can enlist a few of them.

  • Floral prints: The most suitable and evergreen print is this? We feel so connected to the nature.And the thing that makes it special is being colorful. No matter what color is used to print the florals, it will just enhance the beauty of the top as flowers can be seen in infinite colors in nature. So, there is no restriction for color choice in this.

Floral Prints


  • Polka dots: Like floral, even they’re evergreen since 80’s and 90’s fashion era. Either its top or hair accessories, polka dots print is ruling them in a fine manner. So, girls! Time to raid your grandma’s closet to have good reuse of the clothes she owns and look lovely as always.

Polka Dots Prints


  • Pinstripes: This is another of its kind. When it comes to pinstripes, all shapes, sizes, colors are welcome.It would feel so amazing when you will roam around in a park with your dog, wearing pinstripes top with a hot pair of shorts!

Pinstripes prints


  • Tropical prints: From palm prints to hibiscus floral, you can enjoy being on an island any time, any day with your loved ones. Just lit up a bonfire and have a musical gathering in this freshly printed pretty outfit.

Tropical Prints


  • Gingham prints: This isn’t the first spring we’re hanging upon this print, neither it would be the last. So, ladies! What are you waiting for? Don’t just let this beautiful aura of spring pass by like this. Go grab a few of the Ginghams.

            Gingham Prints

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