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The Vibes and Vigours of Navratri

Nagadas, dhols, dandiyas, pandals, Gujarati folk music, Garba, a nine-day color-coded schedule, food - they were wrong when they said that you couldn’t have all the good things on your plate. We have a whole festival that proves it wrong. The excitement of gathering around with your friends and family, looking your best, feeling your best, and dancing your heart out around huge circles to heavy-beat songs, and the overall festive air; this festival has a special place in every Indian’s heart.

Widely recognized as a Gujarati or West Indian festival, Navratri is a celebration shared by Hindus around the country, with Bengal, Bihar, Assam, and Tripura celebrating it as Durga Puja. Navratri is celebrated with a lot of fanfare and excitement, and the nine days are dedicated to Goddess Durga’s nine avatars.

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Most of us seem to overlook the human spirituality connected with the changing season and the festival overall. The festival is a real dedication to welcome the changing season as it naturally affects our body's physiological, emotional, and hormonal conditions. It is said that the changes in the position of the three celestial bodies - the sun, earth, and the moon, to accommodate winter bring in a change within human bodies and minds. This change is what the nine days of Navratri aims to welcome.

The festival is divided into three sets. The first set is dedicated to the worship of Durga, who is Shakti and the destroyer of evil. The evil here is not outward, and the destroyer is not a hero; it is each cleaning the sin of hatred, jealousy, and envy. By worshipping Durga, we seek to destroy the “Tamo guna,” the darkness, ignorance, and laziness within us.

The second set of days is dedicated to Lakshmi, who symbolizes wealth and abundance. Although the lot is mainly materialistic, the crux of the commemoration is the spiritual abundance each seeks at the end of the day, like satisfaction, patience, forgiveness, compassion, loving kindness, and integrity. FESTIVE- MOH MOH KE DHAAGEY COLLECTION

The last set of days is dedicated to Saraswati, the Goddess of wisdom or knowledge. Within the chaos of books and degrees lies a deep understanding of oneself. To educate yourself, focus on your inner wisdom, and explore yourself.

Though this all may seem alien or beyond comprehension for non-spiritual people and people who follow science, the significance of this festival could be seen through a scientific lens too, and we think this would be the most logic-driven reason behind the traditions followed during the festival.

As mentioned numerous times above, the festival welcomes change. Many say that Navratri is our traditional way to welcome the changing season, accommodate our body with warm food, release endorphins, and celebrate the changing season by socializing. Well, they were right. To remind our body that we need to change our habits or behavior with changing seasons and evolving day-night lengths. This is why to detox our body from all year-long food consumption, just like a vacation, the intermittent fasting taken here is to let your body take a break and thus help us cope with the coming winter, which requires more resistance and mental strength. Vibrant & Beautiful Collection of Suit Sets

Besides the fun and exhilaration involved, this festival is just a reminder that we are subjected to change like everything in the world. It is beautiful that when our generation complains of the change and discomfort, our ancestors celebrate it. They realized that “change is the only constant,” and accepting it and preparing ourselves to adapt to it is the wisest thing to do.

Our traditions have an inherent beauty within them, which most of us turn a blind eye to. It may be because we weren’t encouraged to ask questions, but now that every source of knowledge is open to us, we should learn to find meaning in everything we do. Because as it’s said, “There’s beauty in everything, but not everyone sees it.”


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