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The Quirky Queen

If someone suggests that you aren't beautiful, you can consider how regretful it is that they have such a limited view of beauty.

Plump. Pencil. Stubby. Flabby.

Did those words take you back to your bullying days, to stares and whispers, to concerned relatives clucking their tongues? Did shame instantly wash over you? Are you feeling ashamed of your body and build?

Hating the way we look not only feels miserable but is linked to substance abuse, self-harm, and eating disorders.

Our feelings and ideas about our bodies don't come from anywhere. Body shame surrounds us: in schools, around the neighborhood, in the media, in popular culture, in songs and movies, and in TV shows and magazines. Far from the photoshopped pictures and filtered reels, we should love the real and raw bodies of ours.

The zero-size models, with fair skin tones and flawless body advertising for all kinds of products, emphasizing fair skin, perfect height-weight ratio, and having good appearances aren’t having a great effect on everybody’s health.

Body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of how society and popular culture view ideal shape, size, and appearance.

Body acceptance and affection are something that is a part of self-love. The journey from hating our bodies to accepting them to taking care of them to let them be is a long and tiring one that needs constant motivational pushes, body talks in the right direction, and consistency mixed with effort.

Real beauty is how we define and portray ourselves. How beautifully and confidently we can walk in the clothes we are wearing. Isn't being Fashionable all about being comfortable in your skin and ethnic outfit?

Be it a denim dress or a mulmul suit a frilled top or a fancy dupatta - everyone is free to choose their sense of styling, they are free to wear anything their heart desires.

Body positivity has some specific learnings associated with it -

  1. Everybody is beautiful.
  2. Respect the natural silhouette, complexion, and body type of an individual.
  3. Change the definition of mainstream beauty standards.
  4. Build confidence and create a wave of self-acceptance.
  5. Stop having unrealistic body standards.

So, from now on, don’t think twice before flaunting that extra curve or the complexion made of too much moon or the unbranched hair without curls or the cute side whiskers. Remember, the beauty associated with real things having imperfections makes us unique. The plagiarized bodies and features lose the charm of their originality.

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