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Reuse, recycle and rework on old clothes

Nature has her own rules to play and one of them being - everything that comes from nature; something that springs to life, should be given back to her, decomposed and in its purest form. Being conscious inhabitants of this planet, we all should make efforts to contribute to this by minimizing waste and repurposing things that we have owned for the longest time - to move one step closer to a Green Earth!


Having said that, one thing that comes to our mind is to take small initiatives to talk about and spread awareness about reducing our carbon footprints in all possible ways that we can to help sustain the environment a little longer. In every sphere, we can contribute to this system, but let us start with the clothing and fabric sector as we wish to thrive there.


A lot of enthusiasts entrepreneurs and philanthropists, recently, have paved their journey towards sustainability of fabrics - The 3R for Fabric- Reuse- Rework and Recycling - by making multipurpose fashion items, by donating repurposed clothes to the necessitous folks, and a lot more.


Remember growing up we all saw our grannies and parents have multi-purposed all the torn and used fabrics around till they have their last string attached hilarious it is to reminisce right???

Yes, but all they did, unintentionally, have contributed to reducing the carbon footprint for years, so much that to this day we see green and breathe fresh. It is our responsibility to take this legacy down to the times to come, but of course STYLE SE!!!


And here we are to help you get on this initiative along with us, by giving you some SUPER-30 ideas to do it:

  1. You can always make clothing for our little pets at home.

  2. You can give clothes you no longer wear to textile recycling programs around you.

  3. Support the local NGOs by donating old clothes; they help to network it further.

  4. You can always donate directly, the less used one but you no longer wish to wear it.

  5. Cut the torn fabrics into pieces and use them to stuff your pillows, no more synthetic fills.

  6. Doormats, foot mats, and bathroom rugs can be easily made with little REWORKING on the fabrics.

  7. You can make reusable shopper bags/tote bags, to reduce the use of polythene bags every time you head to the market - it's washable, fashionable, and sustainable.

  8. An attractive table runner can be made for each occasion by mixing a few different fabrics with Indian motifs of matching colors. They make excellent beautifiers.

  9. Roti covers are very easily made out of old fabrics.

  10. Saree bags and Saree covers (in the shape of pillow covers) can be made to keep all your expensive sarees and their grace intact.

  11. Suitcase and briefcase covers can be made from them.

  12. Blanket and Mattress covers can be tailored with an old Saree.

  13. Braided rugs are well in fashion and are mostly encouraged to be made out of recycled fabrics.

  14. Quilts and bed protectors for the newborn can be easily tailored with them.

  15. Cutting small pieces of fabric in square shapes and hemming them can give you reusable, neat-looking wipes around the house.

  16. Cool Urn covers can be made to protect the brass and ceramic urns at home; they give an unconventional yet stylish look and reduce urn maintenance.

  17. Stylish Scarfs can be made with old fabrics.

  18. Styled Hair ties, and tropical toppers, can be made with re-dyeing and painting fabrics.

  19. Pet beds are in fashion these days, which can be easily tailored from old fabrics lying here and there.

  20. Puppy toys can be a good pocket-friendly yet engaging stuff to sew out of your old clothes.

  21. Donate to animal shelters that work as a cover for stray animals during cold seasons.

  22. Beautiful Fan/AC/Cooler Covers can be made for off-season dust proofing.

  23. Highlight cute patterns of your fabrics to upgrade a vintage stool into a reupholstered stool.

  24. Boot Cuffs and Head Wrappers can be easily stitched from any small piece of fabric.

  25. Gloves and Masks, which are now an inevitable part of life, can be easily upcycled from old fabrics.

  26. Beautiful, colorful garlands can be made with pom-pom balls made out of leftover fabrics or even fabric cuttings, to welcome guests over and make festivals more colorful forever.

  27. Beautiful Straps to use by the neck to hang bottles/cameras while traveling can be a very innovative and handy thing to make out of fabrics.

  28. Crafting a Bedside Organizer to keep the books that you are reading and the tab you used the last, without having to reach the nightstand drawer, can be a cool way to binge at night.

  29. Make stylish Potlis and Batuas keep small jewelry and pins and lip shades to carry or to organize your cabinets.

  30. Stitch out a Laundry bag to store all your yet-to-wash clothes separated from others and throw them directly to your launderer.

Giving life to the old fabrics can not only fill your life with more colors and make you trendier but also help us to stay close to a greener Earth. Ours is a small effort to help others get close to it and build a sustainable home for us - But IssStyle Se!!!

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