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Kolkata – Culture, Trends and Fashion

Kolkata is known for the most influential culture in India. Visiting the streets of Kolkata shows you an extraordinary passion for people. According to the evidence of the Archeological study, this place was shaped in 1690 with the advent of the British. The East Indian Company at that time accompanied a village“Kolkata" (Kolkata in present) that was very important for establishing construction firms. Over time the village contributed many educational advantages for the British.


The literacy rate is quite high in Kolkata so you will see language diversity here but most of the people speak the Bengali language. The other languages that are open in the region are Oriya, Urdu, Gujarati, and Tamil in some regions. Additionally, a majority of people speak the English language here.


Food trend in Kolkata is very specific. The varieties of sweets and fast food dishes make extraordinary taste. In addition, spicy, Chinese and rice with fish curry and more are yummy dishes in the city.


The famous crafting in Kolkata comes with wall paintings and fancy dolls. Besides, the ornamental and stonework are superior in this city.


Kolkata has many religious trends like Durga Pooja, Kali Pooja, and Dol Poornima. Durga Pooja is the most popular celebration among the people that hugely specifies the devoted culture of Kolkata.


Kolkata is a well-liked place for shopping with many pleasurable shopping stores. The enriched places include all local and international items at affordable prices. New Market, College Street, Shyambazaar, and Hatibagan markets are some famous destinations in Kolkata for shopping.

Fashion Sense in Kolkata

In Kolkata, the trendy fashion among people includes a diverse pattern of kurtas, pants, sarees, etc. Different clothing materials like cotton, silk, and Chiffon generally are used in draping dresses. At the time of cultural worship Durga Pooja, people made an individual fashion style with fashionable elements and accessories to keep alive the tradition. Women choose their favorite palazzo with a kurta and colorful tunic sarees.

Furthermore, the ethnic age group of women in Kolkata goes for the fabulous colors as per the complexion. A number of pastel colors like coral pink, purple, sky blue, and much more give the most attractive ethnic look all the time.

Street Boutique

In Kolkata, there are thousands of fashion destinations that add modern and classic patterns of outfits. Some popular fashion boutiques of Kolkata-

Needle murmur

In this fashion store, you can find a good collection of outfits for men and women. This small boutique adds kurtas, dupattas, stoles, sarees, and several kinds of women's dress patterns. The destination is located at Ballyganj place – 82/9A, Kolkata – 700019


Fanetta is one of the most popular fashion stores located in Kolkata. This beautiful place provides the ultimate choice of women's clothing brands such as straight designer kurta, flared kurta, ikat kurta, floral and pastel designs. Fanetta could give you a good level of fashion experience with classic styles. This place is located on the 1st floor, 102B, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata - 700019

Vrindaban boutique

At this place, you will see an assortment of women's kurtas, sarees, and other customized outfits. The best thing about this boutique is that customers can put their preferences and then the outfits are customized accordingly. Location- 377/C, Prince Anwar Shah Rd, Kolkata- 700068


The collection for women's fashion at this store adds a wide range of clothing varieties such as tops, kurtas, sarees, lehngas, skirts, etc. Besides, you can find customized dresses for all age groups. Location of Berries- GB84, Rajdanga Main Road, East Kasba, Kolkata- 700197



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