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Ishq Ka rang Safed - A -Whole New Collection White Tales

‘Sab safed hi to hai’, you must have heard these words from someone while buying multiple white dresses. But do you remember that crucial scene from the ‘Gangubai’ movie when she described various types of a single white color? She described the shades of white compared with the moon, clouds, paper, rose, snow, salt, milk, waterfall, shell, and even fog. When you look closely, you’ll find that each & every shade she told is different from the other one. And all of them come up with a whole new story. Similarly, we woman holds various stories and they all vary from each other. In my opinion, white is the best color to represent a woman’s story. To find the shade of white you own, the one you are & the one you should opt for your outfits, we bring a whole new collection - White Tales!

Straight kurta with loose pants - JOVI Fashion

Each & every dress of this collection is completely different from each other. Pure white, off-white, or just white lacings, you have to decide what you want in your Ethnic Wear. A simple straight loose or fit pants or designer tulip pants, you have to decide what will suit your style. We have a whole book, you just have to decide on which page you want your name. Still not sure? No issues, here is a detailed description.

Nuanced Reflection of the Whole Collection

Swan is considered a pure white creature. The phrase "Hans wala safed" can be used for something that is truly white & to show its purity, we add the name of the swan before it. The creature is the true representative of innocence. At JOVI Fashion, there are some Indian Women's Ethnic Wear to stay out from the wedge.

Kurtas -

There are Swan Kurtas including both the Anarkali Kurta & the plain Kurta. Most of them have shades of white colour but it is not limited. There are olive green color Kurtas with white lacings too, adding an exceptional charm to your outfit.  You can also find Angrakha style kurta along with gathered, collar neck & Loose fit kurta.


Straight loose or fit pants are the most comfortable to wear. Especially for working women they act as a boon. But you know you can opt for tulip pants too, to show a uniqueness in your style. These stylish tulip pants show their grace from a distance and can be worn under any kind of kurta. Straight palazzo kind of pants are a combo with the Jacket Anarkali Kurtas while tulip pants can be a perfect pair for a Straight kurta.

straight kurta with tulip pants - JOVI Fashion

Dupattas -

Adding a dupatta or a Drape to your ethnic wear is like adding the cherry on the cake. This always adds one more star to your beauty. Not only ethnic but to your party wear dresses too, like with jeans as a scarf. Particularly, in this, you can get white-black embroidered dupatta and an Olive lacey dupatta that can be a perfect combo for your trendy Diwali outfit or an office meeting.

Set of 2 -

From top pants to kurta palazzos, there are multiple sets of matchy-matchy tops and bottoms. Simply put a two-piece dress & be in vogue. Opt for the kind of outfit you want.

Set of 3 -

Some Outfits seem incomplete without a dupatta and finding a match can be tedious. That’s why we have these sets of three where you’ll get stylish Dupattas too with your top and bottom sets.

The soft touch of Mulmul & Cotton

Comfort is the key. With the fabrics of cotton and mulmul these awesome white Kurtas! They’ve got stunning threadwork all over, giving it a stylish look. The sleeves have lace detailing, adding a touch of elegance. Perfect for any occasion, stay trendy & chic in a beautiful outfit! Though there are various embroideries like Phool-patti, chiknakari, Kashmiri Kasida, Kantha-Stich, Glass, Patchwork & more. But they must be finished. Improper placement leads to deterioration of looks. Contrast color should be there. After all, only those fine details make it look classy.

Styling Tips for Sassy Beauty

To enhance the allure of white Indian ethnic wear, carefully chosen accessories can work wonders. Opt for silver or gold jewelry with any color gemstone. As it is white, all the colors will give an attractive look but turquoise or lapis lazuli stones can be adopted if you want a whole different appearance. Shades of green gems will contrast with olive kurta creating a harmonious and striking ensemble.

Statement neckpieces, Jhumkas, and bangles can be paired up with these outfits to add a touch of elegance.  Matching or contrasting embellished footwear, such as mojris or embroidered sandals, add the finishing touch to complete the look.

Wrapping Up

White is a story on its own. It represents a sense of belongingness with purity. It is considered the color of love too. Fashion is changeable but the significance of colors is forever. Be classy & sassy being a JOVI Naari. So, dive into the world of the White Tales collection and let your style soar to new heights. Explore, select, and buy the shade of white you like.

Frequently Asked Questions -  Ishq Ka rang Safed - A whole new collection

What should I wear on a white Anarkali kurti?

You can pair them either with white pants or any bold color palettes at the bottom. Use the given style tips to create a timeless look or style your way.

What is a tulip pants?

A tulip pant is narrow at the ankles. With layers of airy fabric, it is billowing on top. Giving a silhouette similar to dhoti pants, they are good to consider for wearing under any straight Kurta.

What is the best fabric used for a kurta?

Cotton and mulmul are generally considered good fabrics for a Kurta.

Why should I wear Tulip Pants?

Tulip flowers represent warmth and love. These pants give a vogue look & as they are in trend you can stay in fashion too.

Can I wear a white kurta with jeans?

Surely, you can choose to wear a White kurta with jeans. That can be a perfect combination for your casual or formal meetings.

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