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Impacts of Indian Hand Block Prints


There are many universal arts that come from India and now inspiring artisans all over the world. Hand block print is the most popular and trendy skill used in creating beautiful structures and designs on fabric. Generally, it is widespread in Indian states but Rajasthan and Gujarat vastly adapted this fine art.

Hand Block Print in Rajasthan

Bagru and Sanganer in Rajasthan still considered as affluent places having various block print blueprints. The society of workers comes through the ancient way to produce traditional designs with highly visual expression. A prominent kind of prints known as “Dabu” is giving the ability of resist-printing on fabric.

Hand Block Print in Gujarat

Kutch in Gujarat is known for executing several techniques to produce motifs and various patterns. A highly implemented technique called “Ajrakh print” has a number of color shades such as red, blue, black, and white to print attractive structures.

The significance of Hand Block Printing

  • India is known for its traditional and cultural fashion; therefore, the wings of Indian hand block print are spreading over many region s of the world.
  • One of the most important things is that the execution of hand block print can be accessed anywhere because this art is obtainable in economical range.
  • Not only for more affluent artisans but also a common person can go for this art as it cheaper and pocket-friendly.
  • The techniques that are used to create prints are vivacious and effective so we can see versatility in this art.
  • A vibrant color range can be used in hand block printing. Thus, it provides an ample of selections so the buyers can put their preference as per the requirement.
  • Mostly, cotton clothes are used to wear in the summer season. So, it is a big demand for hand block print is done on cotton fabric on a huge level in India. 
  • We can see blocks of diverse traditional motifs in hand block printing. Using those blocks, the size and structure of the patterns can be defined according to the requirements.     


This traditional process is well-liked because it doesn't need any machinery process to create print on fabric. It is a completely natural process and thereby offering lots of career opportunities to the people. Thus, this art stands in a good extent and now has become the most adapted fabric work on a very large scale.


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