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DIY Clothing ideas to revamp your closet

Are you among those who like to style up on their own? Are you the ones always experimenting with all your fabrics, to give it a whole new look, to stand out in the crowd by being a fashionista? With a few twists and turns and some extra folds, a whole new fashion can be created every day to fancy you. Creating your own unique trend isn't as difficult anymore as you might think- And it's visually appealing too!!!

DIYing fabrics and accessories can step up one's game a lot - after all, that's the deal every designer cracks! You will neither see coincidental twinning nor it has been styled before you did. Here we are with a small initiative to encourage people of all ages to try decking up with their own unique style and creativity. Also, it's an unconventional way of up-cycling a lot of fabrics laying out here and there.

If you love bright colours and patterns and contrasting styles with each other, to help you get more creative with some quick and easy homemade fashions, we bring you some cool DIY Clothing ideas to revamp your closet and be the next talk of the town when you're out. We hope you feel inspired to try to re-discover/re-create or invent one of your own!

1. NO SEW SHRUGS from OLD T-shirts -

If you have an old shirt with embroideries running over them in patterns, by removing the sleeves, they can be easily transformed into shrugs/capes. They can be paired with your ripped jeans and summer tanks. A whole new trendy look from your not-so-glamorous shirts.

2. KAFTAN JACKET from OLD BLANKET (no-sew) -

Ever wondered how an old blanket can be a fashion game-changer??? Cut out a circle for the neck region and wear the blanket. Now take a thick belt of contrasting colour with a prominent buckle and buckle it up on the higher end of your waist... Tadaaaa!! A cool unconventional fashion is here!!!!


We all have seen how our jeans get frayed after using them for a long time, after all, we can't deny the fact that millions of fashion may come and go - but a pair of jeans remain the comfiest wear we go to, thus developing a bond of love with each pair. And these frays should not be the reason to part our ways with our favourite pair. Cutting short the length of those leg sleeves and sewing beautiful laces can give them a pretty makeover while making us stylish.

Hundreds of other easy-peasy DIY ideas are available on the web to transform and style every day and give your wardrobe a whole new dimension with the existing resources.  Alongside you can follow our page for regular updates and the latest trends in clothing - we bring you the best designs combined with Indian traditional motifs that brighten up the whole aura of!!!

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