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Darzi ki Dastaan

Darzi ki DastaanA darzi is a magician in the true sense; he is the one who brings out the designs alive. The manifestation of ideas is done with such an expertise that keeps us gaping at its outcome.  The role of couturiers of high importance in the apparel industry, ranging from small scale to large, the significance of the darzi (dress-maker) cannot be overlooked. It is, however, a pitiable situation that he is not given the due credit, all the name and fame is earned by the brand itself. But, we here at JOVI™ not only recognize his efforts but also mark his contribution in bringing us to this level which is unprecedented.


Our men Baney Chacha,  Subhash, and Suresh give vitality to the thread and bring the sketches to life. Each piece they stitch breathes out grace and elegance. If I don’t mention Anil, then it will be a self-deceit. Anil is a mentor to these three; he is such a craftsman who works miracles.  They all come from a very humble background, but the ideas that they pool in, designing a dress- piece are remarkable.  They effortlessly work at the measurements accurately cut out the material and with much patience, love and care produce out a piece which they flaunt as their own creation.


All this reminds me of an incident when WE were having constant deliberations on the innovations to be brought out in design to no end. And, there Anil popped out of his work station, who eavesdropped on the entire conversation, with a brilliant idea to overpower our uncanny imaginations. Bingo! It gave birth to our fastest-selling line of clothing-BOHO. A designer without a degree, he himself has etched out many sketches for the brand. His untiring efforts and unflinching support are worth lauding.


Unfortunately, these artisans don’t get the respect and remuneration that they deserve. The task is not as easy as walking into a high-end AC showroom, running across a few designs, and selecting your favorite piece for the celebration. The hands of a tailor narrate the story of his hard work and struggles. His hands have felt every cloth, each strand of the thread, pricks of the needles, the anxiety of bringing to you the finest collection, and what not! So, the next time you admire a piece, also appreciate the hard work and toil of the man who recreated the Masterpiece out of a paper.

#acknoledgethem :)


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