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Cotton is the best fabric for you, why?

Cotton has been used by the human race for clothing purposes since 5000 BC. It is a natural fiber which looks like a shrub around the seed. This fiber is taken out from plants, spun to create a thread or yarn, and then run under the machines to get a garment ready. Currently, 50% of the fabric produced in the world is cotton. A variety of apparel like shirts, pants, design dresses, jackets, sleepwear, Indian ethnic wear, socks, etc. are made out of cotton and are bought by people with great pleasure and preference. The reasons behind such remarkable popularity of this fabric are as follows:


Count on cotton:

Cotton is a strong fiber. You can easily buy cotton new arrivals without the fear of them getting torn quickly. The fabric is tough and the clothes made out of it can be worn a number of times on a number of occasions. They will stay long in your closet.


Moisture control:

Cotton is fantastic when it comes to moisture management. It absorbs the moisture vapor on your body, keeping you dry and comfortable. Owing to this characteristic it, it is preferred a lot for making towels, gym clothes as well as summer clothes.



Cotton clothes are hypoallergenic. It has never been seen that some allergies, reactions, or skin issues are caused due to a cotton garment. Rather in such cases of problems, doctors recommend wearing cotton-made clothes. For the sensitive skin of newborn babies, cotton is preferred, even the medical gauze that is used to cover a wound is also made of cotton.


Easy to wash:

Cotton does not have the inherent odor and therefore it does not require to be washed frequently or for long hours. Maybe a quick spin in the washing machine or a simple hand rubbing and your cotton garment is clean. Unlike synthetic fabric, fibers of cotton stick together and don't get loose, fuzzy, or break off easily. In short, they last long in your closet and shine the same as in a new fabric.


Less toxic:

Since cotton is a natural fiber, it is less toxic as compared to synthetic fiber. The cotton fibers that are synthetically prepared are treated with chemicals; most of which are absorbed by the skin and harm the body. The name of such fibers is acrylic fibers which have polyacrylonitrile chemical, polyester has terephthalic, petroleum is found in nylon, and sulphuric acid in pair with ammonia in rayon. 


Custom printing:

Cotton is a dense fabric and it provides an excellent surface for screen printing. The ink on it gets absorbed fast as compared to any other fabric. Bleeding of colors is hardly an issue with cotton clothes and therefore it is the best option to get a high-quality print done on them.

Environmentally friendly:

Any large-scale fabric production is not as environmentally friendly as cotton is. It grows on plants and as the number of plants grows, its production also grows. Organic cotton has increasingly become prevalent these days which means no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used on plants as well. 


Look good and feel better:

Cotton is recognized as the fabric of people's lives. It is comfortable, soft, absorbent, and breathable and basically can be worn in all weather. This natural fabric doesn't stick to your body and is thereby regarded as the best fabric for wearing purposes.




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