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Choti Choti Details in JOVI Collections you never noticed

They say the devil is in the details and it holds true for all Jovi designs! With each stitch, tassel, button or even fabric treatment which we at Jovi thriftily concoct, we dip our “clothes” in the labor of love to make them pieces that you can cherish forever, and in turn bring great creative joy to our design team.

Since we meticulously work on these details, we produce limited design runs, and as a result, each Jovi design becomes an endearing part of your wardrobe! But the question is, how many of these dainty details have you noticed? We’re guessing not many. Fear not, case in point today are our new arrivals and we bring into spotlight the design details that

Love for cotton


Reining supreme in most of Jovi’s collections is cotton! It encapsulates comfort, simplicity and longevity- the A-star trio for a wardrobe staple. This fabric is not only ideal for the weather of the region, but it’s also really hard to find a finely designed, stitched cotton jora in the market. Jovi also wants to promote the fabric that, at one point, was emblematic of India So much of the local industry is involved in its production and it’s no wonder that it’s done its taana-baana in our hearts

Minimal hand embellishments


Atop the Jovi agenda is crafts revival, sustaining local artisans and harnessing them to create elegant ensembles that stand the test of time. These embellishments are consciously minimal so you can make our outfits your own- dress them up or tone them down. Whatever you do, such embellishments will maintain the right balance of old world charm and your modern festive wear needs.

Dainty detailing


Nostalgic fabric flowers dangle from corners of the pallu of this dupatta from the “Parv collection". Besides being cute and thrifty, these tassels ensure that flowy dupattas don’t keep falling off as you go around being the life of the dholki (that we assume you are). Dance, clap, laugh….these tassels will hold your dupatta in place. You’ll also see this crafty detail lovingly adorning styles from other collections as well.

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