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A Yogini from Far East

The world has witnessed much deliberation upon the importance of yoga, leading to its worldwide practice and fame. The four Vedas and Upanishads hold narratives about its significance and necessity in a man's life. Especially now, when the world has hit a new low, and the youth is unable to free itself from the clutches of depression and other social issues. We need people today to hold the fort and keep the embers of yoga alive.


Yogini Ragini is one such female who has kept the spark of yoga and meditation ablaze in her for decades and now is motivating the people around to practice yoga to upkeep their mental and physical health.

I, in person, have known Yogini Ragini for about two decades now. Simple at heart that she is, she is a beautiful soul too. Not only does she have a charismatic personality, but also her voice soothes all pain and distress.

When I met her first in college, some chemistry worked and I was unknowingly taken in by her strong vibes. It was the first day of the botany class and the first day of the college as well. And, there she sat -the bindass girl playing with the pen oblivious of the cross-sectional root diagram that our botany professor made on the board. I instantly knew that she was the one who was going to be one of my besties and now my soul sister.

It was a stark coincidence that she was wearing the same colored kurta as I was and, that was enough for me to realize that great minds think alike. It had rained heavily that day as if the universe embraced our friendship.

The whole college saw these two crazy young girls chit-chatting, sitting on the stairs unaware of their flooded surroundings. The college canteen used to serve as a favorite place for the famous four to hang out together. In my next blog I will make a mention of the other two.

As time went by, we didn't even realize that we had reached the threshold of our lives. It was the momentous day of our farewell when we hugged each other and our vows of always being there for each other.

She stayed in Mumbai for a while, where she found her inclination towards yoga. It was a time when yoga had not gained much popularity. But, as always she has been a headstrong girl, who did what she desired.

She is now putting up in the USA, teaching yoga to all the firings.  #naamroshan

 She says that yoga has not only made her feel lithe and agile but has also brought her closer to nature. She can feel all the chakras in her body and also motivates everyone to start this good practice.

My fondness and love for her has of late evolved into PerfectGold - a range so perfect from JOVI fashion.


Jyoti Narayan 





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